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     Increase the effect for production

break through the bottle neck from  starting to  finishingŁ»

2.break through the waiting time for each procedureŁ¬

3.break through the wait time for the ironing packaging

4.break through the hysteresis of test

5.break through the constraints of refurbishing,
6.reduce handling, reduce labor intensit.

Union the production & management

1. create a good production environment;

2 found quality problems, timely feedback

3. Effective data management and data query

Improve the quality

1.avoid wrinkles in sewing process,

2.put an end to the string of code and smudges



4 Needle Flat-lock is origin and be brought from Japan, it is mostly used for piece together and splice . Stitches is internationally recognized by ISO607 ; it has dynamic and strong nature , with four side line, a bottom line and a nondense line.

In addition, 4 Needle Flat-lock  also dedicated to the unique high flexibility, high strength flat and patchwork effect, the craft saves the flat seam and other aspects of the package in practice, regardless of the quality or efficiency compared with ordinary sewing carft, it has a overflights of improvement.

It wins the incomparable victory by the quality and processing appearance, which writing a new chapter in the apparel industry ,no matters in innovation or promote more effect.





Active-seam craft's biggest feature is consist of innovative garment stitch & flexible sewing forms & easy to operate.
It can sew a new flat package stitching, also use one, two or three-line three are not overlock stitch to make suture catcher sewing garments addition of a more perfect choice.


1. the fabric is flat head butt, so that the seam is more smooth;

2. the inside line is a single layer, so wearing is more comfortable;

3. the outer side has two lines, so the whole garment full of dynamic.

4. the density & width of stitch is adjustable so that stitches of each garment can be customized.

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